Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Every single pinch of black you see is a word. Yeah, that's right.

Everything is going pretty well over here; just lots and lots of work! Finished this piece of Shiina Ringo (yes, that's the original photo; I'm not *that* twisted...). Wanted to do something digital, but my computer (among every other electronic I owned) blew up that weekend, so no luck there!!

Also included a quick one-day project of redesigning Bigelow's tea design. Not too happy with it, so I'm going to rework, of course. Expect that up in a few days, hopefully, along with a lovely 100% sewn piece I did a few days ago (Once again, a few things are amiss on it, so I'm slow to taking a picture until I fix them. What a perfectionist!). Aside from that, another piece that was very unfortunately rushed, due to my broken lap top. It's a mock up for a mini art-book comic-book-esque cover-thing I'll hopefully be putting out for Planet Comicon next year, or just selling VIA internets.

While I'm not the happiest ever with these pieces, I figure it's better to post something rather than nothing!! (: Enjoy boys and girls.

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