Thursday, March 10, 2011

Band poster! Band t-shirt!

My t-shirt design!
Poster! Three colour print (pink, blue at 50%, and white)...
Really enjoyed working on this project; I feel like me and my Windsor Newton Series 7 (Size 3) brush really bonded for this one.

Monday, March 7, 2011

t-shirt designs?!

It's a's a flower! It's a t-shirt design!!
I did a few for class; might submit to threadless. They're kind of messy, but it's not like once I submit I can't touch it up a bit. As always, thanks for looking!!
Forecast: Light sprinkles through-out the day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anatomy of a Derby Girl

Just finished this not too long ago; redid a class assignment I wasn't too proud of. To say the least, I like this result much better. (:

A Strange Day in July

We were given a title and a line of text to illustrate--this is what I came up with.

One-page comic!!

In case you had a bit too much sunshine today.

American Royal Barbecue

Poster for the 2011 American Royal Barbecue... Boy, that kid looks hungry

Unorthodox media?

Was given a bag full of weird little objects, told to make a piece over "anxiety'" with them.

Another mildly depressing piece; this one was over "hopelessness". For this one I whipped out the sewing machine...

Round one!

Self portrait done in ink+photoshop, for the pastels in the back
Portrait of my buddy Lauren, drawn in pencil and painted over in gouache

Same process as above, some old abandoned buildings by my house

Another self-portrait, same process again; I shipped this off to Australia to a hopeful pen-pal


Art blog, art blog, ART BLOG!

This is what this is. I am an illustration student, and will post my class-related assignments, as well as things I do for fun! (:

Glad you decided to join me...

<3 LAELUU <3